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I believe there will be a day that the average website will have video included with awareness into every page and almost every post that is published. The costs of recording, publishing and distributing video has dropped significantly, making it affordable to nearly every trade.
Video has the ability to be a powerful tool for B2B sales objectives due to its capability to educate, build conviction and confidence in your squad, products and services. Since creating a roadmap for video can work to grow your sales revenue.
Talkingcloud is a creative agency specialized in Video Production and provides some key statistics on the impact of video on your B2B marketing strategy.
Study says, “73% of B2B Marketers Say Video Positively Impacts Marketing ROI”
10 reasons on WHY VIDEO?

  • Enhanced SEO
  • Strong Consumer Attention
  • More Video-favored Technology
  • Great Optimization Opportunities
  • Higher Engagement
  • Stronger Emotional Connections
  • Higher Retention
  • Better Email Click-Through
  • Accessibility Rise
  • Increased Customer Conversions

How do you feel when you see pages with lots of text & no images. How much would you read? None or couple of lines! Right?
Yes, This is what exactly happens. As marketing expert & SEO specialist we use text as keywords but what about user. Are they interested in content or they want something really engaging? Same goes with Social Media Marketing. We put lot of hash tags & keywords to be searchable but how about using simple “Call to Action” images with them. This will make your page look more Beautiful!
Marketing without IMAGES is like driving with your EYES CLOSED!
Study says there are more than 2 Billion Active Social Media Accounts & approx 3.6 billion unique mobile users. Can we see the potential of reach?
There should be a story behind every update you make on social media platforms about your product or service. As people do not buy your products, they buy stories you tell!
Make your every post magical! Let's tell your story to the world...!

A Salesman, who never gets sick, never takes a day off or vacations! He is always energetic wearing your company’s logo & wherever he goes recommends your brand to everyone. Sounds like a dream sales man? Do you want to HIRE one? That Salesman is none other than VIDEO, who tells your stories to the world…!!! Let’s look at some facts & figures:

  • 92% Mobile Video viewers share videos with others. -Invodo
  • 65% executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching video. -Forbes
  • 70% of professionals making report that video converts better than any other medium. -MarketingProfs
  • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. –Mist Media
  • 1.8 Million Words is the VALUE of one minute VIDEO. –Dr James McQuivery, Forrester

But is video really possible for small businesses or startup? Absolutely
Production costs have fallen considerably and you no longer need to be a technical expert to work out how to use it, Thanks to various Social Media Platforms. If you want to fully realize video’s potential, you must make it easy for users to find and share it. As mentioned in above figures do not neglect mobile users! As per Wikipedia by February 2016, WhatsApp has over 1 Billion users globally.
Grow your business with VIDEO because VIDEO is the future of content marketing! Let me know if you have any queries.

Whether you’re a fresh new start-up or a well-oiled business machine you have to use Social Media to promote your brand. Social Media works like mouth to mouth publicity. Study says, on an average 92% social media users shares image/video with others.
As social media is everywhere, it is very important that you have creative & engaging content for your followers on these platforms.
“ You can’t actually be old school in a world where, social media is in charge…pretty much, the world.!!! ” –Adele
I’m a believer in social media but I do not agree when people say I need to be EVERYWHERE. I choose to be active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn only because I feel these are the best social platforms for me to reach my target audience.
Don’t let social media overwhelm you – why not start with Facebook and build on from there?
We are very passionate about crafting valuable content, for consumer. We are proud creators, inspired by the idea of growing communities that flourish the quality content that we share every day.

More often people are visual learners, not auditory learners. Everyone processes information differently, but most people will be of the same opinion that combination of Audio Visual is best.
It’s said that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 50% of what they hear and see! With statistics like this, no doubt more and more people are recognizing the benefits of video.
Since the birth of Youtube in 2005, it has become the second largest search engine in the world. In 2011 Youtube had over a trillion views. That’s over 140 views for each person on Earth. People love video, plain and simple.
So how does this affect your business? Whether you’ve been purposely shying away from video or not, it’s time to get on with trend! Here are some reasons why video could be good for your organization.

  • People are more likely to be occupied by a video. Studies show that average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Videos support sharing as well. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others on social media.
  • Spotlight. Not only can you have video on your website, but you can also share it to social media. This greatly increases your reach to your targeted audiance. YouTube will become top priority of ALL SEO marketers in 2016.
  • Creativity is another benefit video offer. You can add graphics, images, animation, music & much more that add interest to what you’re & the way you are presenting.
  • Videos can help provide particular information in a user-friendly way. Instead of having to search through different web pages and scroll through different content, people can just hit “play.”
  • Video can help establish organization’s image. A video will share the qualities of you or your company more than text ever will.
  • Producing video is also easier and more affordable than it has ever been. Professional video production is also increasingly affordable and provides a level of quality you may not be able to produce yourself.

Video is a powerful tool. This means it can be a powerful aide, but it has the potential to cause harm if done inadequately! However, we can help you with your home made videos. If you think you need a professional video production for your company or organization please get in touch with talkingcloud. Please see our pages for editing services as well.